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Way to go JHS

The Senior class at Jacksonville High School put together a fundraiser where the high school was able to raise $526.87 last week through Caps for a Cause”. They raised enough money to sponsor a student this summer at Camp Bridges. Camp Bridges provides a summer camp for children who have received an organ transplant. You can find out more about Camp Bridges at http://www.campbridges.org/ . Jennifer and I are very proud of Anna for stepping up to the plate and leading her classmen as they selfishly served others.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things

Not only did the students help raise money to send a student to camp,  several students plan to go volunteer during one of the camps. So many times we don’t look at the big picture, we seem to be focused on the details of the current event. I guess what I’m saying is, for some the fundraiser has been more than just paying a dollar to wear their cap to school or even to raise money to sponsor a student for camp. For  some, this small event may have changed their life. The impact on those who go volunteer at camp this summer is not known at this time. The potential influence very well could be the deciding factor that helps them choose their career. Who knows, maybe we will read one day where an organ was donated and  find out it all started one day back in high school by paying a dollar to wear  a cap to school. Or maybe someone will be a doctor, nurse, social worker, transplant coordinator. Only time will tell, but from what I’m hearing Caps for a Cause was only the beginning for some.

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Put that mask on boy!

I’m not sure how many followers we have out of the state of Alabama or the South for that matter, but this time of the year is awful for pollen. My white car took on a new color due to the pollen…..it was yellow, yuck! I have been blessed with having to take two different heavy-duty antibiotics since the transplant, so I am completely healthy. Jason, Anna, and, Chloe have all had their share of being sick, however they are all doing well now. Jason was none to happy when he was sick, and I didn’t help much when I made him wear a hospital mask to work in the yard. I thoroughly enjoyed keeping him on a tight leash while he was sick, since he has it down to an art form with me. Hehe!

How could anyone not believe?

I can’t help but notice since the rain has started how beautiful everything is blooming. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen“. How can anyone see all of nature and not believe in the Creator?  When I look around and see the splendor of His creation I realize how small I am and how big He is. Some days I have trouble holding my schedule together for one day, but God holds all creation together every day, WOW! Colossians 1:17 says “And He is before all things, and by Him all things hold together” that one scripture gives me peace, because it isn’t up to me to control all that goes on in my world. God holds everything in His hands and if we are seeking His will we can rest by knowing that one tidbit of information.

My first ever garden

Ok, I’m going out on a limb with this adventure. I have asked Jason to prepare a place for me to have my “own” little garden. Jason usually plants one each year and has a green thumb, but this year I want one all by myself. Jason thought it was comical that I would even think about it. Lets just say in the past when Jason was out-of-town and it was my responsibility to water his garden….ummm I don’t think I have to say any more. I think the plants would have rather Jason poisoned them before he left because it would have been a much faster less painful death than lack of water. So you know I have something to prove here! I can do this !!  Who is with me on this? Support please!

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