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And were off…

I have always known this day would come, and knew I would never be ready for Anna’s graduation. Our lives have been so crazy! We have been on the go for I know two weeks and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.  I know every parent says ” I don’t know where the time has gone” and my goodness it is so true! It seems like yesterday that Anna was running around with pig-tails, and dragging her doll “pink baby” everywhere we went. I have to say I am really excited that Anna is starting a new chapter in her life. I’m not one of those mothers who mourn when their children start to grow up. Now I’m not saying there will not be a tear or two, ok I will admit there will be many tears. It’s not going to be easy watching her walk across that stage and receive her diploma, but God has a plan for her life and I get really excited to watch Anna start this next chapter.

The week began with our church honoring the graduates at all three service on Sunday with a luncheon with their family. Then all the grandparents and my sister and her husband came over to our house to celebrate Chloe’s birthday.  After the birthday celebration we went to a presentation at church called “Point of Impact” . Point of Impact was led by our church staff to share information and cast a vision. So as you see our Sunday was quite busy but oh, we are not through yet. Chloe got a new set of golf clubs and was itching to go to the driving range, which turned into 4 buckets of balls and playing 5 holes. I will share more about the golf course and Jason beginning to have lower abdominal pains in a minute.

My little adddict…

Chloe has found her thing in school and hobby ,she loves golf and wants to go everyday that Jason can take her. We just celebrated her fourteenth birthday. Our family decided to give her a new set of clubs, and oh my…..they are expensive! Chloe was so excited ! Her birthday was yesterday the 22nd and we decided to celebrate early on Sunday due to the fact that graduation is the same week. As I mentioned earlier our plan was to go to the range so she could hit a bucket or two of balls. Well, I should have know that would not have been sufficient  enough, we ended up putting in the dark on our last hole.  I will have to say she was smacking that ball pretty well! I can’t wait to see how much she will improve over the summer.

Swapping places

For the first time in 20 years Jason and I have swapped places. If you remember I mentioned earlier that Sunday evening when we went to the golf course Jason was having lower abdominal pains. Well it turned out that he had appendicitis. I tried to get  him to go to the ER on Sunday night but he did not want to inconvenience anyone to stay with the girls, so he promised he would go to get checked out on Monday if he was not any better. Jason called me about 12:00 and said he was on his way to the ER, and that’s when the craziness began of me trying to reschedule appointment. Then Jason called back and said they were going to do surgery in about two hours and I would have plenty of time to get down to the hospital. Then Jason called back a third time, this time he was borrowing the nurses phone because his phone had died, he said they are taking me back to surgery NOW!!. Oh my, it had only been 15 min since he said it was going to be two hours…..uhhhhh! I finished up at work and drove the speed limit all the way to RMC ( of course I did not speed. ha! ha!) It was really weird to see him laying in a hospital bed and those reclining chairs in the room are not very comfortable at all to sleep in!

Up at 4:

You know there would be more to this week, right? I also had a clinic appointment at UAB on Tuesday morning. I had to get up and leave the hospital at 4:30 to go home to get ready for my trip to UAB. My sister was sweet enough to go with me since Jason was still in the hospital. Jeff my brother-in-law had a doctor’s appointment and was already off work so he went to stay with Jason and bring him home. Jason is doing really good, he just has some trapped air in his shoulders from surgery. The day  finished with Anna’s  baccalaureate service and more tears….LOL!

The weekend in packed too

This weekend after graduation one of my best friend daughter is getting married, and we are so excited about it. Both Anna and Chloe are  in the wedding, and it is going to be so much fun. I will be doing the brides hair, which is always so much fun to see the end result, and get to pamper her.

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Way to go JHS

The Senior class at Jacksonville High School put together a fundraiser where the high school was able to raise $526.87 last week through Caps for a Cause”. They raised enough money to sponsor a student this summer at Camp Bridges. Camp Bridges provides a summer camp for children who have received an organ transplant. You can find out more about Camp Bridges at http://www.campbridges.org/ . Jennifer and I are very proud of Anna for stepping up to the plate and leading her classmen as they selfishly served others.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things

Not only did the students help raise money to send a student to camp,  several students plan to go volunteer during one of the camps. So many times we don’t look at the big picture, we seem to be focused on the details of the current event. I guess what I’m saying is, for some the fundraiser has been more than just paying a dollar to wear their cap to school or even to raise money to sponsor a student for camp. For  some, this small event may have changed their life. The impact on those who go volunteer at camp this summer is not known at this time. The potential influence very well could be the deciding factor that helps them choose their career. Who knows, maybe we will read one day where an organ was donated and  find out it all started one day back in high school by paying a dollar to wear  a cap to school. Or maybe someone will be a doctor, nurse, social worker, transplant coordinator. Only time will tell, but from what I’m hearing Caps for a Cause was only the beginning for some.

Pressing on ,


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Chronic Kidney Disease 

April 29, 2012

            Chronic kidney failure (also called chronic renal failure) is a serious, long-term condition of the kidney’s that causes a progressive loss of kidney function and, ultimately, end-stage kidney failure (Komaroff). Some of the symptoms for CKD are frequently passing urine, frequently thirsty, and high blood pressure (Chronic Kidney Failure). When my mom had CKD her symptoms were: being dehydrated, having headaches, and being nauseous. She was diagnosed with CKD when she was 16 years old. The diseases that most often cause Chronic kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure partially ,because kidneys are not well-controlled by treatment (Komaroff). In this disorder which occurs over a period of years, the kidneys gradually lose urine ability to filter body wastes from the blood and dispose of them in the urine (Komaroff). As a result, there is a buildup of toxins and fluid in the blood, which produces few symptoms at first (Komaroff). Indeed, you may not have symptoms until most of the kidneys function is lost (Komaroff).

Chronic Kidney Disease is treatable, but just because it is treatable does not mean it is curable. The two ways of treating CKD is having a healthy diet and doing to dialysis. “Dialysis is used while a patient is awaiting transplant and during episodes of oliguria or of threatened rejection, while, on the other hand, patients who find dialysis a psychological burden can be offered a transplant” (Chronic Kidney Failure). My mom has used both kinds during the three times that she has had dialysis over the years. “There are two main techniques of dialysis in current use. In peritoneal dialysis, the patient’s own abdominal cavity is used as the container of fluid; the fluid is run in, allowed to reach equilibrium, and removed, taking with it, urea and other wastes” (Chronic Kidney Failure).  “The process has proved suitable for the short-term treatment of acute renal failure, especially in infants, and can be used in the treatment of individuals with chronic irreversible renal failure” (Chronic Kidney Failure). The second type of dialysis is hemodialysis. “Hemodialysis (filtration of the blood through semipermeable membranes) has also been used in the treatment of acute renal failure, since the method-the artificial kidney- was devised, in the 1940’s; but, for chronic use, the problem was one of repeated access to the atrial blood stream period” (Chronic Kidney Failure). “This was largely solved by the introduction of a permanent shunt between an artery and a vein (an arteriovenous fistula), by which a suitable vein, usually in the arm, is connected directly to an adjacent artery” (Chronic Kidney Failure). A healthy diet consists of keeping your weight under control and normal blood pressure.

“The Living Kidney Donation program at UAB enables a healthy individual to donate a kidney to someone in need of a transplant – the surgical placement of a healthy human kidney into the body of a patient with kidney failure” (Transplant, Kidney). To cure CKD you have to have a kidney transplant. There are two different types of kidney transplants living donor (the three kind of transplants my mom had) and cadaver transplant (from a deceased person).  A living donor may be a relative, spouse, or even a close friend of the recipient.my mom’s three kidney transplants were from our pastor, a lady in our church, and her mom. One cool fact is that when you get a new kidney, if the old one isn’t in the way, the surgeon just puts the new one on top. So in all, my mom has 5 kidneys. “To be considered as a living-kidney donor, you need to be in good health and without any history of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or other major illness” (Transplant, Kidney).

“Your immune system is your body’s defense against foreign invaders like bacteria or viruses. Unfortunately, your immune system cannot tell the difference between a harmful invader and your transplanted kidney and will try to reject it” (Anti- Rejection Medications). My mom takes many medicines to keep her healthy so her body doesn’t reject the new kidney. Rejection is dangerous because it can permanently damage your new organ and can sometimes lead to re-transplant. “That is why your transplant team has intended for you to take anti-rejection medications as part of your long-term therapy” (Anti- Rejection Medications).


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29 Apr 2012

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Chronic Kidney Disease

  1. Definition of Chronic Kidney Disease
  2. Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease
    1. Frequently passing urine
    2. Frequently thirsty
    3. High blood pressure
    4. Diabetes
  3. Treating Chronic Kidney Disease
    1. Going to dialysis
    2. Having a diet
  4. Curing Chronic Kidney Disease
    1. Getting a transplant
    2. Taking your medicine
  5. Medicines after Chronic Kidney Disease
    1. Anti- rejection medicine
    2. High blood pressure
  6. Living with Chronic Kidney Disease
    1. Healthy diet
    2. Regular blood pressure

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